Testing God

God loves probability.

Anonymous said: Would you ever pray with someone?

If I thought it might sooth or provide immediate relief to someone suffering extreme pain, or they were in danger of imminent harm or death, I would pray with them if they asked. However my focus would be on the person in need and those in proximity (not a deity) as I know that prayer is going only to affect those near enough to physically witness it.

“You don’t need to be an expert in nuclear weapons to know you don’t want to be on the receiving end of one. In the same vein, you don’t need to be a scholar in every religion.”

“There are two sides to every false dichotomy.”

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Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain...


God, claim, blah, blah, conclusion.


How could you go about testing that claim?


God is not to be tested


Not God, but rather the claim.


If God causes the action, how could you seperate testing the claim from testing God?


That's "Begging the Question"

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“A valuable lesson religion teaches is that we are not infallible. That is especially true when vetting religions.”

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This is a very awkward day for my fellow drug free atheists

Odd Easter

Easter is an odd time for this former Christian. At one time the story of the Resurrection was very powerful to me; the sacrifice, the suffering, the Lord rising from the tomb.

Fast forward to a state of mind that accepts that there are no contemporary accounts of the life of Jesus, that no witnesses were directly involved in the writing of the gospels, that in all likelihood the words and feats attributed to Jesus were drawn from many individuals or spun from rumors or adopted from prior myths.

Now, the Resurrection makes no sense. It was no sacrifice at all of you think about it (God can create life at will, etc.). If anything, it would have made God more understanding of the kind of pain that animal nervous systems can suffer (if He was truly God in the flesh). I could also see where God would be furious that we killed him… but apparently whatever was going on in Noah’s day made him angrier.

Do any statements about the Resurrection sound coherent to you as a non-believer? If you are a Christian, did you really think deeply about the issues with it before being drawn into the Faith perhaps, or were you just absorbed in the ritual or promises made to you by other followers?

I honestly never questioned the purpose or meaning behind the Resurrection until years after doubting its authenticity.

Religion… A reassuring lie… Source: Source and comments


Religion… A reassuring lie…

Source: Source and comments